Tales from “Under the Smoke”

You know, more often than not, we take some of the most simplistic things for granted, and we fail to realize the impact that kindness, caring, empathy and compassion for other people and other beings in this world in which we live can have. One such tale of pure greatness comes to us not in the form of fighting the raging battle of the Dixie Fire, but from four firefighters from Mountain View, California, who showed what is nothing less than beauty in the helping some of our feathered friends who were hungry.

In his travels to gather current details of the situation that we are enduring, a member of the Indian Valley Fire District traveled to Indian Falls, where he came across the four gentlemen pictured above (from left to right), of OES Engine 404 from Mountain View. In addition to their capacity as firefighters, they showed us all what it means to care about life, be it human or fowl. These honorable people took it upon themselves to gather vegetables from the Dawn Garden, to feed the chickens, ducks and geese that were penned down for the duration of the event, and because of amazing people like this, they all survived. Our hats are off to them, and to those of you who are stressed, tired, scared and fearful of what the future of this fire may bring, know that we will get through this if we ALL show more love for others and help each other when those that are down need help up, even if they quack or crow. We are all in this together. Prayers and love to all of you.

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